skin care deppends on type of skin

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Scientists say that the skin type is genetically determined, but it can vary depending on number of factors, such as:
  1. foods & diets,
  2. environment conditions, such as pollution, climate change, etc,
  3. stress or anxiety,
  4. type of cosmetics and skin care products,
  5. injuries, illness or trauma,
  6. puberty, pregnancy or menopause hormone levels,
  7. level and frequency of exercise,
  8. age,
  9. degree and intensity of sun or wind exposure,
  10. smoking or tobacco smoke exposure.
A healthy skin deppends on a good skin care. To choose the best skin care procedure you must know your type of skin first.

Nothing complicate to find what kind of overall skin type you have, just use the simple blot test.
Get a ply of a dry tissue and press it onto your face. Remove it after ten seconds and examine the results.

  • if tissue remains damp with no traces of oil you have a balanced skin.
  • no sign of oil or moisture residue on the tissue reveals a dry skin.
  • oily skin leaves on the tissue oily and possibly dirt traces.
  • the presence of oily and dry marks on the tissue confirms a combination skin.

    Once you know the type of your skin, you should know how to keep it clean, nourished and protected most of the time.

    Dry skin is a result of decreased sebum production and is characterized by:
    • dry, flaky patches;
    • tight across the cheeks, chin and forehead;
    • itchy and easily irritated and chapped;
    • bruises easily due of sensitivity;
    • can appear scaly or powdery;
    • prone to fine wrikles and lines .
    This type of skin is dry because the low level of oily barrier allows easily water evaporation through the skin. This process can be worsened by heating or air conditioning, detergents, pollution, overuse of alcohol-based cosmetics.

    By consequence, the restoration of dry skin involves protecting it with creamy and anti aging therapeutic oils.

    Oily skin, on the contrary, is the result of excessive secretions of sebum and it has the following characteristics:
    • overall shine, but coarse texture with enlarged poresand sallow complexion ;
    • acne spots and comedones;
    • tendency to run or repel make-up;
    • good reluctance to wrinkles and fine lines;
    Anti aging oily skin products having good results are alcohol-free toners, gentle exfoliants and lightweight, natural moisturizers.

    Balanced skin is very rare, and it is characterized by:
    • a creamy colour with few blemishes or irregularities;
    • smoothness, thickness and firmness
    • balanced distribution of natural oil into the skin, byt it becomes dry with age.
    The bad news is balanced skin is worsened by most of the factors which can afflict other skin types. The good news is this type of skin will benefit from any skin care product.

    The big problem is most people have combination skin. That means they could have oily areas located around the nose, cheeks and chin, and a very dry skin around forehead or other areas. By consequence they must take care to use cosmetic products accordingly.

    This skin care guide to rejuvenate aging skin offers information and advice on treating, diminishing or preventing aging skin. A complete anti aging skin care guide for skin rejuvenation and skin care products to improve the appearance of your skin condition.

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